Fran interviews Aston Wylie of the Voice and Majozi’s band

Fran interviews Aston Wylie of the Voice and Majozi’s band

On Air with Frances Clare is in it’s second week of existence and it is going full throttle!

I am really seeing Wednesdays-Fridays between 12 and 3pm as an opportunity to showcase talent, meet new people and celebrate music. My show is a lunch show-could it fit my personality and interests any better- and I am also using a good deal of it to discuss good food places in and around CT.

My first day felt similar to my first time driving a car- sitting in the power seat and realising that you are in control (hopefully) of something much bigger and stronger than you had realised. At first it was quite daunting to push my mic up and the music down and add my 2c but my second day of radio banished every butterfly within a 200km radius.  Last week Thursday (my second day of radio) was a live broadcast from Seaside Village for Women’s Day and it was the untrustworthy wifi and ever-dropping signal that helped to prepare me for anything and everything that could go wrong! Since then all has run smoothly (barring the awkward moment where I cued the news background music in the middle of an Adele number today).

I have enjoyed interviews with Devon (our very own guitarist) and am bonding with listeners over my two favourite things: good food and good music. I also have a regular Friday guest in the form of Chloe Nuelle, a local Instagram Celebrity and close friend, who supplies listeners with social media tips. With the Cape Town Band Festival fast approaching I am busy filling up my next week with band interviews! I also have a very exciting guest confirmed for tomorrow…Aston Wylie

Aston was on the Voice SA last year and made it into the knockout rounds. I met him at the Barleycorn Music Club where he performed a solo set. Apart from  being an excellent keyboardist, singer, guitarist and songwriter; Aston is one of the key (pardon the pun-you guessed it, he plays keys) members in local superstar, Majozi’s band. I am really excited to interview him tomorrow between 2 and 3pm! I will also be playing a few songs of his from his newly released digital debut.