Interviews at Onefm with Frances Clare

Interviews at Onefm with Frances Clare


Fran here. I have had the most amazing three weeks on air! It was definitely daunting at first but, as the days went past, I slowly grew in confidence. I have also had some really awesome guests in studio! This week saw me interviewing the Poor Princes, Mobbing Bali and The Medicine Dolls.

The Poor Princes are a fairly recent addition to the Cape Town scene. Consisting of Brad (lead vocals and guitar), Steven (bass), Ian (lead guitar) and Katen (drums), the band has toured the Garden Route and also performed at the Cape Town Carnival this year. It was fun to have them in studio with me although the ghosts in the studio didn’t seem to approve of my guests. First my mic began to cut out and I had to switch to one of the guest mics- leaving Steven and Ian to share the other one. Then the guest mic that they were sharing decided to give up on life. This resulted in Ian and Steven basically sitting on my lap while we shared the last remaining mic! Mic malfunctions aside, it was a fun interview and I enjoyed getting to know the band that I share a member with a little better.

Thursday saw an interview with the lead singer and keyboardist of Mobbing Bali. I had no idea that their name was a play on “Bob Marley” but Warren set me straight. It was pretty fascinating to hear his stories as a classically trained vocalist from the Drakensberg Boys Choir. He even admitted to me that he had performed with Pavarotti! After all of the interesting stories and off air conversation about the music industry, we began to discuss his band. As a band, Mobbing Bali has been performing for over 7 years. It was initially a duo but is now a self sustaining four piece that has performed on some of the biggest stages that SA has to offer. Warren and I also bonded over our mutual car issues (I will admit that mine seemed rather pathetic in comparison to his written off vehicle). Overall, I actually came away from the interview with some valuable tips and a resolve to be less of a push over with business dealings-thanks Warren!

My final interview for the week was with The Medicine Dolls. I won’t pretend that I wasn’t a little intimidated…The Dolls are one of Cape Town’s most successful acts and there is an air of mystique around them. Up until today they were the sort of musicians who I admired and respected from afar. It is not easy to fill a venue in Cape Town, or to tour South Africa in a van (or to navigate the local music scene for that matter) but The Medicine Dolls have managed to get all of the above right. They arrived perfectly on time and we joked that I would pretend that they had been late so as to keep with their rock and roll image. The interview itself was really fun and oh so interesting. Our topics ranged from Greg’s recent cooking endeavours to their friendship to the massive digital distribution deal that they have just signed with Just Music. If Just Music sounds familiar that is probably because they are the label that launched Matthew Mole! The time slipped away pretty quickly and before long I was messing up the news by saying it was 1pm when really it was 2pm. Some highlights of the interview included Greg forgetting the name of the third song on their latest EP, “A Good Chance of Bad Weather”, off-air music industry conversations and finding out that Bex likes to dip her chips in chocolate milkshakes.

My third week on radio has only affirmed my love for it. To all of the listeners who tuned in and the guests who put themselves in the hot seat, I am truly grateful! I am sure that there were moments when no one (besides my loyal and trustworthy grandparents) was listening but what’s important is that I (as well as having no way of knowing this) enjoyed myself 100%.