The Inspiration behind the Cape Town Band Festival

I’ve been lucky enough to do some really cool things with my band. We’ve road-tripped a sponsored car up to the National Arts Festival, we’ve collaborated with a New York Film winning animator, we’ve been on National radio and television but NOTHING compares to the fun that has been the Cape Town Band Festival.

The idea came about on the aforementioned road trip to Grahamstown. We found ourselves in a town overflowing with art lovers and creators. There were literally too many music shows happening too see them all over the course of the week! And don’t get me started on the amazing sound. If we could have kidnapped our sound engineer, Sva, we would have. The most astonishing thing was that, although we watched some mind blowing performances by acts from other provinces (a shout out to G2G), it was the Cape Townians who stole the show (are we biased…definitely). Our favourite acts included three piece Hatchetman who performed at the Monument, Bam Bam Brown, Diamond Thug and the World of Birds.

We found ourselves wondering why we had to go to Grahamstown/Makhanda (tangent: it was really cool to be in a town while it officially changed names) to listen to all of these amazing Cape Town artists in one place. And thus The Cape Town Band Festival was born. Flash forward a few months of booking bands and liaising with the V&A Waterfront and here we are with an annual celebration of local original music!

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