Expresso Morning Show feat FC

Expresso Morning Show feat FC

On Thursday we were lucky enough to be the featured band on SABC 3’s Expresso Morning show. The experience was amazing, it was exciting, it was fun, it was….EARLY!!!

We woke up at 4am to make our call time of 5.30am. The day began with trying to fit 4 of our 5 band members and their gear into my i10 (whose name is Pixie- in case you were wondering) and then meeting up with the 5th member in Seapoint. Tangent: Possibly the only positive to waking up so early is that you have your pick of parking.

We sleepwalked to the penthouse studio and were greeted by a very friendly and very awake production team. They helped us to set up, unzombiefied Trish and I with makeup and offered us an abundance of coffee and muffins from the on site McCafe. The team casually notified us that the show broadcasts to an average viewership of 2 million. This didn’t terrify us (too much) and so we set about soundchecking.

The moment that the panic set in was when my guitar’s input heard the words 2 million viewers, got stage fright and stopped working. The helpful sound engineers assured us that it would be fine and we continued to soundcheck it right up until the last ad break before our introduction. I was called to join the amazing Katlego for an interview on the rooftop balcony. He promised that he would go easy on me but then ended up suprising me with the most difficult/terrifying question that I have ever had to answer: What is your favourite vegetable?

Fran’s Interview:

After making it through the grueling rapid fire questions we chatted about the band, our t-shirts, vocations, music releases and our upcoming Garden Route Tour. It was really special to be interviewed by a fellow musician- and a brilliant one at that.

With the interview done it was time for our performances. Here they are with links:

Overboard Live on Expresso–

Broken Girl Live on Expresso–

Toxic Live on Expresso–

It was truly amazing to be on such a professional and popular show. Thank you to the staff, crew and cast for making us so very welcome and well done to my band members for delivering Rockstar worthy performances!