Frances Clare at Splashy Fen

Frances Clare at Splashy Fen

We had the absolute privilege of performing at Splashy Fen Music Festival last weekend. Known as South Africa’s oldest and most friendly festival, Splashy Fen celebrated their 30th year and it was a dream come true to have been chosen as part of the lineup.

Devon and I chose the path of least resistance and decided to fly up to Durban, while Steven (brave man that he is) drove. Trish had an important week of teaching and unfortunately couldn’t make it so we were joined by the amazing Ann Donald on the viola.

From start to finish this trip was throwing curve balls at us! First Devon couldn’t find his ID, Driver’s License or Passport meaning we had a tough job getting him on the plane! Then the gear car with our guitar and bass in it ran behind schedule which caused some stress! However, as things usually do, everything worked out and we had a beautiful set with an incredible audience.

If you are ever wondering if you should go to Splashy Fen then our answer is a big fat YES!!! It was so professionally organised, beautifully laid out, the food was amazing and we were blown away by the other artists. The main stage in particularly rocked out with pyrotechnics and all.

A big thank you to the cool people who we met along the way on this fun adventure! Some people gave us places to stay, some gave us lifts, others fed us and all of them contributed to our weekend being a success. Lots of memories and laughs came from this festival!

Until next year Splashy!