How to tour the UK

How to tour the UK

With a local and UK tour completed just one month into 2020, we have some stories to share!

It’s been a good while. Maybe I was busy, maybe I forgot my website password (not admitting which one is the real reason) and maybe it was a combination of both.

Today marks 2 weeks that we have been back in our beautiful home country of South Africa. So much has happened since I last sat down and spilled the tea on the behind the scenes of Frances Clare. In the grand scheme of things a small SA band touring the UK is not a life changing event. Or so I thought…Obviously for myself it was new territory and felt a great deal like a life changing event! However, I could never have imagine how well we would be received.

The Bedford, Balham where past performers include Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith

It seems that, in actual fact, a small act touring from a faraway country IS a big deal to the Brits. If you’re reading this from South Africa (specifically, Cape Town) you will find this hard to believe. Us Cape Townians only venture out of our cozy homes when “Big” artists such as Ed Sheeran or Rihanna decide to bless us with a tour. But we were pleasantly surprised to find that going out to watch up and coming live music is a weekly feature of many UK inhabitants’ lives.

Long story short; it was an amazing tour and I am having my usual post tour withdrawal!

Part of what made it so much fun was that we got to share so many moments with you through Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. We also made a Spotify playlist of all the incredible musicians that we met and performed with (so that you can follow the music side of the tour!).

While we were in the UK we received so many messages of support and also a LOT of messages asking for tips to plan overseas tours. While we are no professionals, we realise that there are only a handful of South African acts who plan and execute their own international tours without the help of international booking agents or record labels. Our goal for 2020 is to use this page to to keep you entertained with the tour stories that you didn’t get to see on social media and we also plan on sharing some of our touring tricks and tips for any artists who might be interested in an independent tour.

If that sounds like a plan then please let us know if there are any specific questions you have for us or particular stories you would like to hear by dropping an email to

Here’s to an amazing 2020!

Spotify Playlist: