Kid’s Say The Darnest Things!

Kid’s Say The Darnest Things!

Trish, Devon and Emil are all full time music teachers! They’ve heard some pretty weird/hilarious/worrying/cute things in lessons. Trish decided to list 5 of the most memorable things she has heard in her class.

The violin (like other instruments) poses many challenges to children.  If the foundation isn’t taught correctly, it can be very difficult to correct later in life.  I have students from as young as 6 years old to students who are in Matric.  Most of them, however, are in the 8 to 13 year old range.  These are the pre-teens (a very interesting group of children, because they say the darnest things!)

These are five funny/interesting things that students have said to me, either during lessons or orchestra classes:

1. “But you don’t look old enough to be called ma’am!”

Except for having to explain the pronunciation of my new double barrel surname to my students, I also had to explain that I’m not ‘miss’ anymore, but ‘ma’am’. It was nice hearing a compliment like this!

2. “What was the country’s name in Black Panther?”

One of my more proud moments when I felt very cool answering this question from a 7-year old! Wakanda, people! 

3. “But I love scales!”

Anyone who’s taken lessons for a musical instrument would know that THIS is strange.  Scales can be tedious to play and practise, because it is basically a range of notes following on one another.  I myself like scales, so I look relatively excited when I teach them to my students.  Apparently this one liked scales.

4. “How did you live without one (a cellphone)?” 

This is a classic millennial question!  This was a student with an extremely shocked expression on his face after I said that I got my first cellphone when I was 16.

5. “But we want to stay late!” 

Usually when you threaten your string orchestra with staying late because they’re being naughty, you expect them to start behaving. But this day I found out that my classes are so much fun that I cannot make that threat.

Teaching is not only a great profession, but with students like these it can be very fun! – Tricia Brink-Jones