Behind the new EP: Fiction

Behind the new EP: Fiction

It’s been a crazy year? Yes!!! What with lockdowns, secret albums (thanks Taylor Swift!), career changes and all…we are excited to present a brand new EP.

This year has been a strange upside down one for me. I returned to AFDA to complete my degree, began working full time and booked and completed my first UK Tour. Everything seemed to be off to an incredible start. (I feel like you know where this is going…)

After arriving back in Cape Town, South Africa we began to compile a new EP. The intention actually wasn’t to create an EP. I had written a song called Diamond in 2019 and Steven and I had enjoyed it so much that we performed it at every show on our UK tour. It seemed to spark something different, a new sound and lyrics that offered a deeper critique of society.

Me at aged 7 on my first day of school

Obviously, we all know how the next chapter went. The world came to a standstill and “lock down“, “zoom” and “pineapple beer” were all added to our everyday vocabulary. For the first time in 3 years, we had no shows and, although we did try out some live shows and coordinated special Venus Project initiatives, we went for 10 months with no band practice!

I’d love to say that I was super productive and started writing albums. But honestly I was shell shocked way beyond my usual post tour slump. It took about a month before I sat down at my piano and began to play around with sounds that reminded me of our UK adventure. Just like that I wrote the song “London in the Rain“- arguably my favourite of the EP.

As soon as I finished the song I knew that we were going to create an EP.

It was (Cliché as it sounds- ha you’ll get my inside joke later) like opening a tap. Within the same week I had written 2 of the other songs. One was about how scary it was to slow down from the normal breakneck pace that I tend to live life and the other is literally called ‘Cliché‘.

The interesting thing is that these songs were all written in a way that showed a deviation from my usual habits. With no band to experiment with I found myself gravitating towards my piano. In fact, one of the songs was written completely acapello with me sitting on my bed, patting out a rhythm.

The theme of the EP was so obvious when I looked back on the tracks- I had written a coming of age soundtrack. The content is all deeply nostalgic, reminiscent and melancholic. The songs range from introspective to existential and everything in between. I suppose it’s quite fitting that they represent me working through a busy job, paying for my own studies, being separated from my band and preparing to move out into the big bad world.

When completing the EP, I wrote a song called “Magic” looking at the rest of the EP from afar. It unpacks the process of growing up. As a child I had a wild imagination and I was encouraged to believe in fantasy and fiction. At one point I firmly believed that I could fly! At Christmas time I used to spend days around our tree, making up stories about the different decorations that we would hang up.

During the process of this EP I was dealing with the very stark contrast between fantasy and reality- something that I’m sure 2020 shared with many of us.

When I finally shared the songs with my incredible band, I fell in love with them again (my band AND songs!). I am beyond excited to be performing a secret preview of the new songs with my incredible music family on the 14th Dec 6pm Atlantic Studios as a Drive In performance. It feels right that I share them with you as a thank you for the never ending support and love.

It also feels incredibly special that these coming of age musings represent another element of my ‘adult life’, graduating from my degree. It’s taken a lot of hard work and discovering myself to get to the place that I am today. 5 years ago when I left school I had no idea that I would study music, tour the world, become the youngest member in Senior Management for an international company and move cities with a week’s notice. But…here I am! And I’m so glad that I have the music to accompany the journey.

I can’t wait to share our new EP, Fiction, with you!

Love, Fran

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