I started playing and studying drums 22 years ago when I was 12 years old, and having grown up around music, and my dad being a drummer too, it seemed like the most logical instrument for me to pursue.
Once I began high school, I took music much more seriously as I entered the band and gigging scene, and this sparked the start of an education and career that will hopefully span my entire life.

My have been influenced to some degree by each teacher and mentor that I have had over the years, but in terms of well-known drummers, I would say that among others, Simon Phillips (Toto), Brent Harris (Just Jinger), Steve Gadd, and Gulli Briem have had the most direct impact on my playing that I can think of.

I’m not too fussy when it comes to general gear, but I would say that my 13-inch Zildjian Z-Custom Hi-Hats, 14-inch Mapex M-Series Snare with the Aquarian Hi-Energy Head, 12-inch Anatolian Splash and 16-inch Ziljian Medium-Thin A-Custom Crash definitely come with me to every gig.