The Crew

Talent and passion alone count for much, but with a crew in the background working tirelessly it counts for a whole lot more.

This is a huge shout out to those that have dynamically helped The Frances Clare Band get to where we are and to where we are going. In no particular order;

Kayla Esterhuizen: Videography and Photography

Justin Pederson: Animation and Friendship

Kathy Klass: Animation and Visuals

Ian Black: Our former drummer

Mark Moore: Sound engineer, graphic design, marketing, web development, and stuff (also great chef!)

Stephen Brink-Jones: Roadie and 2nd camera for photos and video

Johann Beute: Photography

Andrea Lea Fourie: Photography and all round loveliness

Hester Stiller: Reviewer

Brandon Johnson: Stand in guitarist/bassist when needed

Tracey Parsons: AKA Number One Fan

Llewelyn Screen: Booking Agent Extraordinaire

Ice Carstens: The PR and Publicity Manager that dreams are made of