What is your music background:
I started taking violin lessons at age 8 at the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre. As my grandfather had left us a violin dated 1886, my parents got it restored and I played on it until my 4th year of BMus. I finished a BMus, BMusHons and a MMus at Stellenbosch University, where I also took classical vocal lessons in 2010.

What are your musical influences:
I grew up in a house where I heard mostly Classical music, as well as some Elvis, Beetles and soundtracks from Broadway Musicals. I broadened my musical horizon very recently by starting to play for bands.

What music gear can’t you live without:
Two instruments – After I had two relatively good acoustic violins, I now have my “forever” violin, an unnamed European violin from possibly the 1920’s, which is the first. The other is my Fender electric violin named, Hedwig.