Welcome to the world of The Frances Clare Band

Come on in and join us in a full Frances Clare Band Experience.

We at are going on a journey, come and join us!

is going to be building a community of like minded musicians, fans and followers that will nudge the norm back into the space it belongs and create a platform for expression and art.

Q, how you gonna do this?

By organizing our own Festivals, road tripping our music, by giving back to the community and playing at schools, by creating truly original content and more

Q, Music Festival, that sounds interesting, tell me more.?

The 1st of our festivals will be The Cape Town Band Festival at V&A Waterfront on 25th / 26th August, between 12:00 and 17:00. Ten local bands are participating and entrance is free.

Q, That is pretty awesome, what is your inspiration behind this?

Our goal is to grow Cape Town’s music community. We have some of the very best musicians in the world under the shadow of Table Mountain and we want to do our part to create a platform for people to experience our local talent. We are doing this not only for the musicians, but also the community at large.

Q, Giving back to the community, is this lip service, tell us what action you have taken to do this?

We perform at schools, we took part in the Madiba Day with Smile FM, we currently teach music at 9 schools and we are available to assist with any outreach that is aligned with our core. We will also be running a series of free workshops, sharing our experiences as teachers and musicians in the industry.

Q, You keep using the word “community”, talk about that for a moment?

We will be building an online community that will keep all who are connected, connected. From the sound guys to the bands to the equipment guys all culminating in the fans and supporters of local music receiving a significantly better product.

Q, Tell us about your music, what do you feel is unique about it?

Our music is crafted around the rich lyrical content that Frances writes. Each song is carefully arranged to remain true to the idea and emotion of Frances Clare. The authentic nuance brought in by Devon de Swardt combines with Frances’ lyrics to create a unique sound, add a splash of enigmatic musicians and we have The Frances Clare Band.

Q, Ok cool, how can people join up to be part of this community?

All it will take is a signup, on our form with email address and what type of community person you would like to be, a fan, a service provider, a band, or all of the above.