The Tour That Didn’t Happen

The Tour That Didn’t Happen

Tickets bought. Shows booked. Plans made. We never announced it but we were meant to be on tour right now. Here’s the story behind the tour that we never told you about.

In January we were still in the UK playing shows and being the excited tourists that we are when on tour! Steven Jarvis and I could not believe the incredible reception that we had in Scotland, London and Newcastle. Some of the highlights were celebrating New Years eve in Glasgow and performing at venues that had once boasted shows by some of our favourite established artists.

Exploring Durham

We hadn’t even boarded the plane back home when we began talking about when we would return to the UK. I sent messages to all of the venues we had played at asking them about future dates and, at our last performance, we met one of the managers for the Sofar Sounds team in Newcastle and he suggested we plan a show.

Hilariously, we had a whole tour booked before leaving the current one that we were on!

Steven Exploring Brick Lane

Steve and I flew back separately. On the flight I made the most amazing friends who also stayed in the UK. It honestly felt like all of the signs were pointing to a return tour so, when I arrived home, I started saving money and confirming dates.

Perhaps I should have realised it was doomed when I booked my ticket. After checking with my exam schedules and classes I booked to fly on the 18th June. THEN my timetable changed and I ended up with an exam that was meant to happen 3 hours before my international flight! Who knows if I would have made it work but my plan was to finish the exam in 1 hour and to race to the airport. As you know…we never got to find out if this crazy plan would succeed.

We had almost 10 shows booked across the UK including performances in cities we had never been to before and were extremely excited to have our first international Sofar Sounds show scheduled for the 1st of July. We reached out to the friends that we made on our December tour and were trying to arrange shows with them.

In March the world as we knew it shut down due to the Coronavirus. Stubborn and ignorant me remained positive that everything would be “back to normal” in time. But the gig cancellations kept coming like a torrential storm.

My flight (and my exam!) was cancelled and the scary exchange rate almost made me glad that I wasn’t overseas! Unfortunately we had to accept the reality that we most definitely are not touring the UK this month.

Performing at Charts for Spotlight Presents

This is by no means a sob story! We have been spending the time working on content and…I have been writing songs about all of our past travels! We were also incredibly lucky that Qatar Airlines has offered us credit or a partial refund. The time has allowed us to put our resources into another initiative close to our hearts- The Venus Project! During lockdown we started the “Venus Project Live Sessions” in which we have featured female artists from around the world. All donations have gone towards sustainable sanitary pads and products for young women in South Africa.

There’s no place like home

Thank you to everyone for the love and support- we are thinking of you and hope that you are keeping safe and well.

We will be back touring as soon as possible!!!

-Love Fran